Friday, October 16, 2009

Winged Unicorn

Winged Unicorn
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Happy October, here's another free embroidery pattern for you! This one calls back the 80s for me, when I was a kid and loved everything fantasy, especially unicorns. (oh wait, I still do. ;)
I recommend stitching this up in the colors of your favorite My Little Pony (mine is Twilight) while watching The Last Unicorn. have fun!
Get the full size pattern
right here.

PS, if you like my pretty hoop framed version, it's available in my shop! littledear


  1. Awesome! I am an 80s child myself, and I LOVED unicorns! I actually wanted to BE one...I know-weird!

  2. Beautiful! I cant wait to stitch her up!! Im actually going to be getting a my little pony insipred unicorn tattoo this year! Its my fiance's wedding gift to me ; P

  3. thank you!!
    Jennifer: I totally did too, haha
    FaloolahPancake: that sounds awesome!

  4. Gorgeous!! Thank you for sharing her(?) with us!

  5. Oh, thank you! I was just stressing over what to make/give my niece for her birthday at the end of the month. She's obsessed with unicorns, and I gave her a huge stuffed one for Christmas. I'm going to stitch this up and add her name and frame it for her bedroom.


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